Multiplying our Impact

2015 Annual Report


UNITE-LA is delighted to share its very first Annual Report!


We hope you will be excited to see this colorful overview of all the efforts we were able to accomplish together last year. 

Thanks to our team and partners, we continue to make significant strides in providing the youth of the Los Angeles area (and beyond) every opportunity to succeed. We are confident that, with every year, our abilities to multiply our impact for education career and success will only expand, and we look forward to sharing those accomplishments with you in future Annual Reports.

Here's to another year of moving even closer to UNITE-LA's and the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce's vision of ensuring all of our region's children and youth gain career and life success and contribute to a thriving economy and community! Please let us know if you have questions, would like to give feedback and/or provide ways this report may stimulate ideas that can allow us to better partner with you. 


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