How do I add a blog page

How do I add a story, resource or news article to my website?  


They are all added using a blog page.  


What you need to get started:

Have your headline and byline, text content, any related links, and an image no larger than 300X300 in .jpg or .png format


Understand the basics: 

When creating a blog page, there will be two places where your entry will be shown;

Blog Page


1.  The full content of your blog will post to a page with a link, also called a "slug", that you will use for sharing and outreach. Your page will include a title (which serves as a headline), a brief byline, an image and the text for your article. 




Blog Index

2.  It will also be listed on the Index page for the subject of your blog.  For instance, "Our Impact" is an index page for stories, "Newsroom" is an index for articles and "Resources" indexes resources.  

The index page shows the page name, headline. a brief byline and image to interest the viewer. When creating your blog, the index page shows the content you put in the upper text box, and the Read More button links to the full page that includes the second part of your content.



 Here's how to do it:

 Create a blog page:

Log into the backend of your website:  (you may remain signed in for up to 30days which makes it much easier if you use your platform often) - for UNITE-LA, Business Education, L.A. Compact & CFC

 or - for LAYAW


Go thru the following series of page selections to open a new blog post:

      • Select "Website" in the top navigation bar, then sub-select your site from the dropdown menu.  (Business Education should select UNITE-LA.)  You are now on your website's page index.  Scroll and open the appropriate page by clicking on it's name:

UNITELA Team Blogs, L.A. Compact Team Blogs, CFC Team Blogs or LAYAW Team Blogs

Blog Select


      • The result will look like the image on the right.  Select "Posts & Subpages" as circled in yellow on the picture.  



 New Blog Page Select

      • When "Posts & Subpages" comes up, select "New Post" on the left.








      • Type your headline and the "slug" will automatically fill in.  Be sure that the status is "Unlisted", the click "create page".





Your page is created!  Time to post your blog:

Posting Page

Notice there are two content sections; "Before the flip" and "After the Flip".

"Before the flip" will post on your index page.

Before AND after the flip will post on your full blog page.

Starting with "Before the flip", in the content entry area, type your byline.  Using the text editor, select "Heading 4" from the type box (prefilled with Paragraph) and add boldface.

Create a space and enter a brief description of your post.  BE SURE TO SELECT "SAVE CONTENT"!

Move to "After the flip" and add your full story or resource content.  Use the text editor to add links, bullets, indents etc.  BE SURE TO SELECT "SAVE CONTENT" when finished.


Now add the picture that highlights your story:

Scroll up to your page navigation line.  You are currently in "Content", but to upload your image you need to select "Files".   

BE SURE TO SELECT "SAVE CONTENT"  before moving off of the content page.  If you have unsaved work, you will receive a pop-up asking if you want to leave or stay on the page.  Only leave if you do not have any unsaved content.

In the "Files" section you can either drag and drop your image, or you may upload thru file selection.  When the image is uploaded, return to your Content page. 

 Image Popup

In the "Above the Flip" section, place your cursor at the left margin on the second line of content.  Select the Image placement icon (green tree)  from the text editor.  An editing window will pop up.

Make your selection from the dropdown "Image List".  The Image URL and Image Description will profile.  You may change your image description to a viewer friendly format.

Select "Right" from the Alignment dropdown options.

Enter 5 in the Vertical Space box, and 10 in the Horizontal space box.

Select Insert and wait for your image to appear in the content box.





Email or text the slug of the page that you created to Sue Cannon.  Wait to share the link to your post until it has been verified and published.  It will be approved and published within 24-hours.