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My design specs for 21st Century L.A. Schools

By Charles Taylor Kirchner on September 15, 2016

excerpted below with link to full article

Charles Taylor Kerchner


What I call Learning 2.0 ... is about building a learning infrastructure that is available to every student, public or private, charter or district, extending the schoolhouse into the community and into the home.


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Multiplying our Impact

2015 Annual Report


UNITE-LA is delighted to share its very first Annual Report!


We hope you will be excited to see this colorful overview of all the efforts we were able to accomplish together last year. 

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Early Education Shortage

Advocates point to severe shortage of early ed care in LA County

EdSource Article; By Fermin Leal | January 31, 2016


“We know that when it comes to highest needs kids, nothing combats poverty, nothing combats inequality like early childhood education,” said John Kim, executive director for the Advancement Project.

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