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Larry Thompson

Larry Thompson

President, Thompson Management Group


Larry E. Thompson is an Executive Consultant and the President of Thompson Management Group (TMG). TMG is a consulting firm that focuses on Strategic Planning, Business Operations, developing Human Resources, and Managing for Superior Performance. Before founding TMG, he was Senior Vice President and Client Managing Director at Xerox Corporation. He led a Global Account Team that demonstrated the enormous value that Xerox can provided clients in the Aerospace industry. His team was comprised of world class experts on Aerospace Document Management and Business Services. Larry reported to the President of Xerox Global Accounts.

Prior to this position, he was Senior Vice President, Western Operations for Xerox Corporation. He assumed this role in January of 2003.

In 1996, Thompson was Vice President and General Manager, Western Education and Government Operations. Thompson has held numerous sales and marketing positions during his career at Xerox, including Manager, Marketing Operations, and Manager, Printing Systems Program Implementation, Printing Systems Division. He joined Xerox in 1974 as a Sales Representative in the Los Angeles area and retired in November of 2013.

Thompson is active in community youth anti-gang and drug abuse programs and is a former CEO of the Children’s Youth Arts & Sports Foundation. He has served on the boards of the Los Angeles Mission and UNITE-LA, a nonprofit organization that functions as an intermediary to ensure youth have the knowledge and skills to succeed in school, career and civic life. He was selected by the Executive Office of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors to act as a Commissioner on the Los Angeles County Workforce Investment Board, and he also served on the City of Los Angeles Workforce Investment Board. Finally, in September 2015 he was appointed as a Commissioner on the County of Los Angeles’ Inmate Welfare Commission. He graduated from California State University, Los Angeles with a BS in Marketing.

He and his wife, Nancy, currently reside in Los Angeles, California.