UNITE-LA Today: A Big Win for Keeping Education and Workforce Connected

We are so pleased to share that, thanks to efforts from the Linked Learning Alliance, UNITE-LA and several other partners, this year's state budget will include full funding for the Golden State Pathways Program, which works to connect our education and workforce systems.

Taken together, the $500 million investment in Golden State Pathways, along with $200 million for dual enrollment and $4 billion in Community Schools, puts students on a path towards a more prosperous and equitable future. UNITE-LA was proud to garner significant business support for a letter opposing a proposed $400 million cut from the Golden State Pathways Program. This 80 percent cut would have severely reduced access to rigorous, college preparatory coursework and opportunities to grow through real work experiences for students of color. Twelve partners signed on at our request, demonstrating our growing influence with business organizations across the state. The letter may be viewed here.

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