Principal for a Day

Strengthening Los Angeles schools and building tomorrow’s workforce has never been more important!


2016 PFAD


What is Principal for a Day? 

Business leaders have an opportunity to shadow a principal, administrator or lead teacher to learn more about the successes they have achieved and the challenges they face, along with interacting with students who are eager to learn more about an industry or career pathway. 

Educators have an opportunity to develop relationships with business and community leaders who are interested in investing time, energy, and resources into local schools. 

Take the first step in developing partnerships that strengthen both the education system and tomorrow’s workforce. Get involved with Principal for a Day, an exchange to share ideas, resources and a sense of responsibility for our schools. 




Educator registration has reached capacity and is now closed.


PFAD Information


For more information about the program or sponsorship opportunities, contact Geraldine Contreras-Jaimerena, 213.580.7552 or



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