PFAD Workflow

What is the workflow for Principal For A Day?


Team members have the ability to track PFAD registration totals and activity from the NationBuilder dashboard.  The following process steps will be traced for Educators and Executives in their individual PATHs:

    • Registered
    • Matched
    • Confirmation Packet Sent
    • Event Survey Thank You Sent
    • Event Survey Response Received



  1. Educators & Executives go to The Chamber landing page where they register through separate links
  2. Educator registration will begin before Executive registration
    1. Educators identify their school type and registration will be capped.  The number of educators registered in each of the 5 categories will be viewable in their dashboard tracker.  Any Educator registrations beyond the cap will be added to a waiting list
      1. Elementary School - 15
      2. Middle School - 20
      3. High School - 60
      4. Community College - 10
      5. County Community Schools - 4
    2. Schools will be identified in the following regions
      1. Northwest, Northeast, South, East, West, Central, No Region
  3. Executive registration will begin the week of October 14 (confirm date)
    1. Executives will indicate three their three top location preferences, listed by city/local names corresponding to the school regions
    2. Executives will also indicate their preference of school type 
  4. Both Educator and Executive forms will receive tags corresponding to their preferences:
    1. 2016 PFAD Lunch YES or 2016 PFAD Lunch NO
    2. All other info is put in the Notes section
    3. All people are tagged 2016 PFAD, and either the tag, 2016 PFAD Executive or 2016 PFAD Educator
    4.  Educators are tagged by regions
    5. Executives 
  5. People are assigned to Lisa Small (confirm Lisa is point person)
  6. Both Lisa and Geraldine receive email notifications 



  1. People are then assigned a RELATIONSHIP of Mentee for Executives and Mentor for Educators. 
  2. Finally people are exported to be used in a mail merge for confirmation packet and notifications. 



Helpful Filters

  • 2016 PFAD Registrants - all registrants 
  • 2016 PFAD Educator Registrants
  • 2016 PFAD Executive Registrants
  • 2016 PFAD Luncheon RSVPs Yes


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