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California's public servants, including the Governor, State Superintendent of Public Instruction and State Legislators, have a significant responsibility and will have the power to uplift millions of Californians and brighten their futures. The past few years have been marked by both incredible struggle for California's children, families and residents; and important progress towards better policies and systems change to serve them. While these successes should be celebrated, significant work remains.

Serving as a powerful business-education intermediary, UNITE-LA connects the business community to education-systems leaders to work together to create an equitable education and workforce system through local, state and federal policies and investments. Over the last 25 years, UNITE-LA has sparked collaboration between nontraditional stakeholders and contributed to historic budgetary and legislative victories on issues, such as: Transitional Kindergarten, Paid Family Leave (PFL), Reimbursement Rate Reform, Dual Language Learning, community schools, financial aid completion, immigration and workforce development for opportunity youth. These policy wins have resulted in investments that have improved lives in historically marginalized communities and improved economic mobility.

We are all responsible for transforming our institutions and systems to support all students in reaching their full potential. This necessitates a cradle-through-career approach to ensure California’s education and workforce systems are focused on racial and social justice and are better coordinated — from cradle through career — to create a seamless path for students across the whole developmental spectrum.




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Sonia Campos-Rivera
Senior Vice President, Policy & Public Affairs      


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Humberto Manuel Estratalán
Director, Public Policy


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Jasmin Sakai-Gonzalez
Senior Director, Regional Business Engagement


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Ajay Lucas
Senior Manager, Public Policy


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Edgar Castillo
Senior Manager, Workforce Development Policy and Systems


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Adam Gottlieb
Director, Postsecondary Strategy & Policy


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UNITE-LA's mission is to ensure the continuous improvement of effective and aligned cradle-through-career public education and workforce development systems in Los Angeles and throughout California. Our commitment to anti-racism is fundamental in advancing equity for Asian, Black, Latinx, Indigenous and other communities of color, especially opportunity youth, immigrants and systems-involved individuals.

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Our federal education and workforce development systems have the ability to more effectively meet the diverse needs of all students, their families and their communities. The current systems are siloed, and many key programs, services and leaders are not coordinated in a way that centers students. This creates a system without smooth transitions between services and programs, and often means students are not supported to reach their full potential. Interagency coordination efforts being developed among the Departments of Education, Labor and Commerce will more effectively uplift the success among youth and adults in the workforce. Interagency connections must be strengthened, and employers and workforce development partners must be engaged to ensure a competitive, qualified and well-compensated workforce.

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