2018 CHAS Grads Off to Berkeley


nimsy___yesenia.jpegCongratulations, Yesenia and Nimsy, your hard work paid off!  So excited about your next adventure at U.C. Berkeley.





In November, 2016, 11th grade English Learners from Augustus Hawkins Community Health Advocates School (CHAS) presented their mental health fall project to a panel of local mental health professionals. As part of the Linked Learning program, this was the Helping Holden Caulfield Fall Presentation Showcase.  

The students were provided the accommodation to present in Spanish and they did so with an intent and command of their material that was highly uncommon for all students. It made the panelists beam in joy. When the students concluded, as part of their feedback, the panelists remarked in Spanish that this was the best presentation they had seen all day – they even thanked the group for the opportunity to hear it. The students left the room with smiles, but once the door closed behind them, we could hear them all scream in exhilaration. 

The top photo is of Nimsy and Yesenia, 2018 CHAS graduates. Nimsy is also the female student in the 2016 photo collage below. She is from Guatemala and arrived to the USA at age 14. Whenever I would speak to her in English at CHAS she would respond in Spanish. It made us smile because we knew she could speak more English but was very timid about it. I was elated to hear that in her 12th grade year, Nimsy presented her Senior Portfolio Defense to a panel of industry professionals – in English. Both Nimsy and Yesenia are going to UC Berkeley this Fall. Nimsy will be majoring in Sociology. 


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