2020 Year in Review: The Strength in Collaboration

The L.A. Compact and its partners have seen quite a year in 2020! A snapshot of some of our biggest victories include: joint advocacy to ensure investments in workforce development despite budget shortfalls caused by the economic recession, resulting in the L.A. County Board of Supervisors unanimously voting to maintain critical funding for youth work experience programs and the California Community College system experiencing no immediate budget cuts this year. In addition, the Compact wrapped up our multi-year study of the effectiveness of the Associate Degree for Transfer in the Los Angeles region, which will inform campus-based strategies to improve transfer pathways this year; and the Compact launched the Let's Go to College LA campaign, a collaborative and student-centered effort to increase college access and success amidst a global pandemic.

With such great work in 2020 because of our partners, it's no wonder we are so excited for 2021! While education and workforce disparities have grown as a result of the pandemic, we are ready to work alongside Compact partners in breaking down the barriers that keep preventing students of all ages from having equitable learning opportunities. This year, the Compact will continue to be more intentional about addressing racial disparities and most excitingly, will be launching an updated collaborative agreement with two additional goals. Be sure to join us!

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