Policy Agenda 2022-2027: A Coordinated System from Cradle-Through-Career in California

2022-Policy_Agenda-3.jpgCalifornia’s public servants, including the Governor, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, and State Legislators, have a significant responsibility and will have the power to uplift millions of Californians and brighten their futures.

The past few years have been marked by both incredible struggle for California’s children, families, and residents; and important progress towards better policies and systems change to serve them. Notably, the $2.7 billion investment in Universal Transitional Kindergarten; $3 billion one- time Prop 98 investments for the expansion of Community Schools throughout California; $1 billion investment for the Learning-Aligned Employment Program and Golden State Education and Training Program to support students and adult workers; Development of and initial implementation funding for Recovery with Equity: A Roadmap for Higher Education After the Pandemic; and legislation and investments to establish a statewide, longitudinal data system for California all demonstrate the state’s commitment to a cradle-through-career policy agenda. While these successes should be celebrated, significant work remains.

We are all responsible for transforming our institutions and systems so they support all students to reach their full potential. This necessitates a cradle-through-career approach to ensure California’s education and workforce systems are focused on racial and social justice, and are better coordinated — from cradle through career — to create a seamless path for students across the whole developmental spectrum.