2023 Impact: L.A. Region K-16 Collaborative

UNITE-LA is the proud convener of the L.A. Region K-16 Collaborative, aimed at closing postsecondary attainment and workforce gaps for students of color by streamlining pathways into health care, engineering and computer science careers. UNITE-LA made significant progress in 2023 by formalizing five subregional partnerships, allocating $7.57 million in subgrants to advance high-impact strategies around enhancing dual enrollment, transfer pathways and work-based learning opportunities for students across L.A. County.

Today, the L.A. Region K-16 Collaborative is connecting educational pathways with career opportunities, especially for BIPOC students. By 2026, the Collaborative will improve enrollment, retention and completion rates in aligned career fields, enhance connectivity between educational segments, boost enrollment in career-specific pathways, introduce affordability reforms, and expand dual enrollment offerings.

Looking ahead, the L.A. Region K-16 Collaborative aims to transform the regional educational landscape by establishing an integrated network among educational institutions, employers and civic partners. The vision is to streamline pathways from education to career, aligning programs with local workforce needs and ensuring equitable access to quality education and career opportunities, particularly for BIPOC communities. Additionally, we expect to see strengthened, data-driven subregional strategies, responsive to local need, leading to more equitable access to opportunity.

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