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Bridget Netter

Bridget Netter

Senior Vice President, Programs and Talent Development

213.325.1506 | [email protected]

Bridget Netter, Senior Vice President of Programs and Talent Development, leads UNITE-LA’s College Access and Workforce Development programming and supports UNITE-LA’s Health Sector Collaborative, which convenes stakeholders from education and private industries to commit to developing a more diverse and inclusive, local, health care talent pipeline.

Previously, Netter served on the L.A. Regional Coalition of Linked Learning Leadership Team where she developed business-education partnerships in support of Los Angeles Unified School District’s Linked Learning Schools, which focused on STEAM, healthcare and biotechnology and brought professional biotech and research lab experiences to high school students. She also worked with Mayor Garcetti’s Workforce Development team in developing and implementing UNITE-LA’s South L.A. Scholars, a program that provides South L.A. high school students access to paid summer internships in health care. Netter also managed a partnership with CA Community College Health Workforce Initiative to bring work-based learning and workforce training programs to low-income students of color in high school and community college.

Netter has a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications and is a graduate of the Southern California Leadership Network’s Leadership Los Angeles fellowship and of the Western Association of Chamber Executives Academy. A Miami native, Netter enjoys spending time with close family and friends, mentoring young people in her family and soaking up California’s sunny weather while exploring its beautiful beaches, great outdoors and natural wonders. She also loves traveling and exploring new places and has visited 40 U.S. states and territories and six countries.