Our Team


David Rattray, President, UNITE-LA; Executive Vice President, Education and Workforce Development

Alma Salazar, Ed.D., Senior Vice President, Education & Workforce Development

Alysia Bell, Vice President, Education Business Coalition

Lisa Catanzarite, Ph.D., Vice President, Research and Evaluation

Claudine Battisti, Director, Marketing and Communications

Heather Birdsall, Director, Smart Justice & Business Education Coalitions

Sonia Campos-Rivera, Senior Director, Education Policy & Public Affairs

Gerald Feeney, Jr., Director, Smart Justice

Carrie Lemmon, Director, L.A. Compact

Amy Cortina Mathias, Director, Strategic Partnerships

Heddy Nam, Director, Talent Development

Bridget Netter, Director, Business Education Partnerships

Maria Dolores Nieto, Director, Education & Workforce Development

Paola Santana, Senior Director, Education & Workforce Development

Robert Viramontes, Director, Public Affairs, Educare Los Angeles at Long Beach

Nancy Avila, Accounting Coordinator

Emily Blake, Senior Coordinator, L.A. Compact

Analidia Blakely, Senior Manager, Education Attainment Division

Brian Boyle, Senior Manager, Career Specialist

Edgar Castillo, Senior Coordinator, Education Attainment Division

Susan Cannon, Senior Manager, Education Communications

Geraldine Contreras-Jaimerena, Senior Manager, Business Education Partnerships

Leng Ear, Program Coordinator, Education & Workforce Development

Humberto Estratalan, Education Policy & Project Manager

Johana Garcia, Senior Coordinator, Education & Workforce Development

Carmen Gomez, Administrative Assistant, Education & Workforce Development

Juana Hernandez, Manager, Institutes of Higher Education

Ever Hilleprandt, Manager, Business Services

Chelsey Holmlund, Senior Manager, Strategic Partnerships

Elizabeth Martinez, Accounting Coordinator

Candace Nafissi, Manager, Education & Pollicy

Darlene Neal, Ed.D., Manager, Research and Evaluation

Nicole Perez, Coordinator, Education & Workforce Development

Natalie Pitman, Senior Manager, Operations and Strategy

Chelsey Holmlund, Senior Manager, Strategic Partnerships

Kristina Romero, Senior Coordinator, Education & Workforce Development

Joe Ruano, Assistant, Smart Justice

Lisa Small, Career Specialist

Rosa Valdes, Senior Coordinator

Robert Viramontes, Director, Public Affairs, Educate Los Angeles at Long Beach


UNITE-LA has an affiliate agreement with the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce that outlines policies and procedures for the L.A. Area Chamber to manage human resources, payroll and communication functions for the non-profit organization.  Full-time, part-time and project-funded staff members of the non-profit organization receive employment benefits as part of the Education and Workforce Development division of the L.A. Area Chamber.



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