Our Team

Alysia Bell

Alysia Bell, President

(213) 325-1503 | [email protected]
Krisia Barrera

Krisia Barrera, Coordinator, Tech Pathway

(213) 325-1529 | [email protected]
Claudine Battisti

Claudine Battisti, Vice President, Marketing and Communications

(213) 325-1508 | [email protected]
Genetric Brown

Genetric Brown, Public Affairs Director, Educare Los Angeles at Long Beach

[email protected]
Sonia Campos-Rivera

Sonia Campos-Rivera, Senior Vice President, Policy & Public Affairs

(213) 325-1513 | [email protected]
Susan Cannon

Susan Cannon, Director, Information Services

(213) 325-1516 | [email protected]
Edgar Castillo

Edgar Castillo, Senior Manager, Workforce Policy and Systems

(213) 325-1522 | [email protected]
Lisa Catanzarite

Lisa Catanzarite, Ph.D., Vice President, Research and Evaluation

(213) 325-1504 | [email protected]
Jason Chau

Jason Chau, Senior Manager, Design & Marketing

[email protected]
Geraldine Contreras-Jaimerena

Geraldine Contreras-Jaimerena, Senior Manager, Business Education Partnerships

(213) 325-1514 | [email protected]
Danielle Corpus

Danielle Corpus, Manager, Marketing & Communications

[email protected]
Amy Cortina Mathias

Amy Cortina Mathias, Senior Vice President, Strategic Partnerships

(213) 325-1510 | [email protected]
Maria Dolores Nieto

Maria Dolores Nieto, Senior Director, Accounting

(213) 325-1505 | [email protected]
Humberto Estratalan

Humberto Estratalan, Director, Public Policy

[email protected]
Dexter Freeman

Dexter Freeman, Senior Director, Education Business Coalitions

[email protected]
Carmen Gomez

Carmen Gomez, Administrative Assistant

(213) 325-1527 | [email protected]
Adam Gottlieb

Adam Gottlieb, Associate Director, Postsecondary Initiatives

(213) 325-1520 | [email protected]
Karon Grider

Karon Grider, Accountant

[email protected]
Ever Hilleprandt

Ever Hilleprandt, Senior Manager, Business Services

(213) 325- 1517 | [email protected]
Chelsey Holmlund

Chelsey Holmlund, Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships

(213) 325-1515 | [email protected]om
Carrie Lemmon

Carrie Lemmon, Vice President, Systems Change Strategy

(213) 325-1512 | [email protected]
John Liang

John Liang, Associate Director, Development

[email protected]
Christina Lopez

Christina Lopez, Senior Manager, Education Business Coalitions

[email protected]
Brittany Mejia

Ilia Lopez, Senior Manager, Inclusion and Community Partnerships

[email protected]
AJ Lucas

AJ Lucas, Manager, Public Policy

(213) 325-1524 | [email protected]
Maria Marquez Alvarez

Maria Marquez Alvarez, Manager, L.A. Cash for College

(213) 325-1528 | [email protected]
Brittany Mejia

Brittany Mejia, Manager, Workforce Programs and Special Projects

[email protected]
Matthew Moor

Matthew Moor, Manager, Postsecondary Initiatives

[email protected]
Bridget Netter

Bridget Netter, Senior Vice President, Business Education Partnerships

(213) 325-1506 | [email protected]
Ariana Oliva

Ariana Oliva, Senior Manager, L.A. Compact

(213) 325-1519 | [email protected]
Raylene Paris

Raylene Paris, L.A. Compact Coordinator

[email protected]
Natalie Pitman

Natalie Pitman, Vice President, Operations and Human Resources

(213) 325-1509 | [email protected]
Kathleen Ramseyer

Kathleen Ramseyer, Senior Manager, Education Business Coalitions

[email protected]
David Rattaray

David Rattray, CEO

(213) 325-1501 | [email protected]
Jasmin Sakai-Gonzalez

Jasmin Sakai-Gonzalez, Senior Director, Regional Business Engagement

[email protected]
Sanaz Sazegar

Sanaz Sazegar, Manager, Research & Evaluation

(213) 325-1533 | [email protected]
Johana Villa

Johana Villa, Senior Program Coordinator

(213) 325-1521 | [email protected]
Dominique Williams

Dominique Williams, Research & Evaluation Coordinator

[email protected]