UNITE-LA Today: Community Schools Get a Boost

Last month, the LAUSD Board of Education voted unanimously to support the "Sustaining, Deepening, and Expanding the District's Community Schools Initiative" Resolution. Board President Kelly Gonez and Board Member Jackie Goldberg introduced the resolution, with Board Members Tanya Ortiz-Franklin and Scott M. Schmerelson cosponsoring. The resolution calls for a $63 million investment to expand the number of community schools from 40 to 70 by 2025 and will increase the district's capacity and infrastructure to ensure all current and future community schools are able to fully implement the community schools' model and build strong community connections. The L.A. Unified Community Schools Initiative (CSI) builds and leverages partnerships to create the conditions students need to thrive by focusing attention, time and resources on a shared vision for student and school success. 

Additionally, the resolution includes funding for UNITE-LA to continue supporting the district with strategic thought partnership, project management and community partnership engagement. With the awesome support of our partners and our very own Marketing & Communications team, UNITE-LA issued a press release. This is a historic milestone for the community schools' movement - not just for LAUSD but for the L.A. region. Our work to support LAUSD CSI would not have been possible without funding support from the Stuart Foundation.

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