Did You Know? L.A. Compact

In the early 2000s, when L.A. had dismal graduation rates (and Collective Impact wasn't yet a thing), UNITE-LA was inspired by a model being used for Boston's school district - a district that was outperforming all other urban districts in the country when it came to education outcomes for low-income and students of color. Much of it was attributed to a collaborative effort that sought to bring together cross-sector stakeholders to form a common agenda, with shared responsibility for student success.

In 2008, utilizing the lessons from this model, the idea for the L.A. Compact was born and built on two primary beliefs: 1) It cannot be done alone. It requires all of us working together to provide the range of opportunities, services and supports young people need to succeed in school, the workplace and in life. 2) Effective collaboration doesn’t come easily. It moves at the speed of trust. 18 major institutions signed the Compact in 2010. UNITE-LA remains the proud convener of the L.A. Compact. Check out the original press release!

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