Driving Student Success


Student success has a lasting impact on tomorrow's workforce by developing a pipeline of talented potential employees


How do BizEd Partnerships drive student success?

  • Access to education/training opportunities that align with real world demands and business needs in terms of employment opportunities and career pathways (growing their own).
  • Allows professionals to share their expertise outside of the workforce, use their professional experiences to make a lasting impact on students/inspirational
  • Provides mentors that students can relate to, people that look like them from similar backgrounds that can share their stories—
  • Linking the experiences of professionals from disadvantaged communities to the experiences of students from the same communities—showing the trajectory can be one of success
  • More student excitement and engagement in their pathways
  • Increased student exposure to the real world – the business world
  • Expanded and realistic knowledge of careers and better informed to make decisions about their careers and college choices
  • More civically-minded, motivated students