Partner Spotlight: ACCE

UNITE-LA's formal partnership with the Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE) leverages ACCE's powerful network of business organizations, representing 1.2 million organizations across the U.S. with UNITE-LA’s capacity and subject matter expertise. For more than 10 years, UNITE-LA has worked in tandem with ACCE to help address the business community's desire to transform education, fulfill workforce needs and make measurable impact. The collaboration between ACCE and UNITE-LA has now raised more than $13 million, funding a significant team expansion from one FTE in 2011 to seven FTEs today. In a 2019 evaluation report of ACCE's Education Talent Development (ETD) division, 94 percent of chamber executives agreed that working with ETD strengthened their education attainment and talent development goals. One testimony from the report reads, "ETD completely transformed and focused our work. Historically, we worked to support programming in the community, but we did not play any leadership roles or try to individually move the needle before engaging with the ETD." The reach of the work extends to 600 chamber professionals in the ETD division and this partnership has graduated 190 fellows from the fellowship UNITE-LA co-designed with ACCE.

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