Partner Spotlight: California Community Foundation

If you read the information above on the work of the LA DEAL, you know well the importance of not just closing the digital divide, but also confronting the systemic racism that is very much at issue here. What you also should know is the incredible work of LA DEAL Stewardship Committee member, the California Community Foundation, to break down these barriers. Thanks to CCF's work, in coalition with dozens of other coalitions and organizations across the country, on discriminatory internet service pricing practices - including disparate "promotional pricing" - the FCC is now actively considering whether to consider discriminatory "outcomes" versus "intent" in its formal on-the-record rulemaking considerations. Last year, CCF and other partners formed the California Alliance for Digital Equity, which will be working with partners to respond to the FCC's questions in a formal way over the coming weeks and will likely have sign-on and other opportunities for all to weigh in and uplift the experiences and voices of our communities. Please be sure to follow closely so you can participate. For additional information on digital discrimination, please be sure to click here.

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