Partner Spotlight: Quality Start Los Angeles

This month, UNITE-LA is excited to spotlight Quality Start Los Angeles (QSLA), who works to empower early learning providers to build upon and improve the quality of care they provide to children ages birth to five. Through our partnerships with QSLA on the "Two Languages, Twice the Opportunities" campaign, we continue to uplift the power and importance of multilingual education in our diverse community.

UNITE-LA is proud to be a part of this initiative. By working with QSLA, we aim to empower early learning providers, support families, and help create a community where all children have a quality start in life. For fantastic resources, visit the QSLA website, where you can access language-specific pages, view the new DLL videos, and see PDFs of the brochures. For any questions, feel free to email [email protected].

The campaign, which initially included Spanish and Chinese languages, has expanded its reach this year to include four additional languages: Khmer, Korean, Armenian and Vietnamese. This expansion reflects our shared commitment to fostering multilingualism and celebrating the cultural diversity within our communities in Los Angeles. The additional languages bring a much-needed development, considering that nearly 60 percent of children under five in Los Angeles grow up in homes where English is not the primary language.

The "Two Languages, Twice the Opportunities" campaign leverages various communication channels to raise awareness. From colorful bilingual brochures distributed to families across Los Angeles County to noticeable billboards, bus shelters and even radio spots in multiple languages, the campaign takes a broad approach to reach as many families as possible. Being multilingual has profound benefits, not only in academic and career opportunities but also in social-emotional abilities and financial outcomes. It fosters greater awareness of one's heritage, helps create more meaningful connections with friends and family, and prepares children for a successful start in kindergarten and beyond.

UNITE-LA and QSLA believe in the power of language and the opportunities that come with it. Together, we can ensure that our children build the skills they need for a globally connected future and have the skills necessary to thrive in a global economy.

If you are interested in being a part of the campaign or learning more about it, request a FREE, hard copy bilingual brochure in all six languages as well as a brochure holder available for programs and organizations to share with families across Los Angeles County. You can order your brochure here:

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