Partner Spotlight: Southern California Center for Nonprofit Management

This month's partner spotlight belongs to the Southern California Center for Nonprofit Management (CNM). Recently, CNM named a new president and CEO, Efrain Escobedo, and UNITE-LA has to admit, we are a bit biased here. Efrain is a dedicated UNITE-LA board member, and was named as Board Vice Chair earlier this year! More than that, he is a fabulous human, with a compassionate heart, outstanding leadership abilities and years of experience that fit his new role perfectly. We are so fortunate to have him on our board, providing thoughtful and steady guidance and inspiration, and we are thrilled for CNM to have him at the helm.

At the heart of CNM is its ability to take leading nonprofits and help them increase their impact in their community. The UNITE-LA team has long benefitted from the incredible portfolio of professional development opportunities offered to nonprofit organizations, ranging from broad skill sets like leadership development to more nuanced capabilities, like accounting. In addition to skill building, CNM drives change by advocating for nonprofits and leveraging expertise in strategy, planning and evaluation to solve pressing challenges. UNITE-LA is grateful for their work - elevating nonprofits to be more resilient and a greater force in their communities. UNITE-LA will be present at CNM’s annual conference this month, which will place nonprofit resilience at the center of the conversation.

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