Partner Spotlight: The Kresge Foundation

The Kresge Foundation is a private foundation based in Detroit, Michigan. The Foundation works to expand opportunities across the U.S. with an emphasis on major metro areas. Kresge supports these areas through investments in education, health, arts and culture, environment, human services and community development. The organization's goals are to "create pathways for people with low incomes to improve their life circumstances and join the economic mainstream."

For more than a decade, UNITE-LA and the Kresge Foundation have shared these goals for advancing education in the L.A. area. In fact, a longtime champion of UNITE-LA, Kresge has awarded our organization more than $2.5 million since 2009 to support UNITE-LA initiatives. These include the development of the L.A. Compact's Student Success Workgroup, L.A. Cash for College program, L.A. Community College District student transfer and completion rates, a reverse transfer pilot with CSU Northridge and three of its feeder community colleges, and the L.A. College Promise. Through various program officers and organizational leaders, the Kresge Foundation has not only funded these efforts, but has also been a thought partner through the progression of these projects and the programmatic and systemic changes they have achieved.  

Earlier this year, the Kresge Foundation recommitted to the Los Angeles region through UNITE-LA by investing in a new L.A. Compact spearheaded plan to develop and implement an Attainment Goal for the Region. The Kresge Foundation is no stranger to this effort, being a key player in the development of the regional attainment goal in Detroit and the statewide goal in Michigan. L.A.'s goal, which plans to incorporate all corners of the county, honoring existing efforts by postsecondary institutions, community-based organizations, and local government, will benefit from Kresge's experience and foundational work in this important initiative. 

Thank you to the Kresge Foundation for your many years of leadership in the field, partnership in thought and practice, and continued support of UNITE-LA. We couldn't do it without you.

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