UNITE-LA Today: Continuing to Uplift L.A. Cash for College

We are well underway with our L.A. Cash for College fall season! All you have to do is pick up a newspaper to read the various challenges our youth are facing when it comes to higher education, the greatest being financial. Millions of students across the country who are eligible for financial aid still do not apply for it. As a result, without accessing financial aid, a large number of low-income students do not attend college. Each of us can play a part in helping them overcome these barriers. If you know of a student who needs help filling out a financial aid application, please direct him or her to our L.A. Cash for College website so he or she can attend any of the various webinars we offer. Please share the toolkit and follow us on social media. A simple "re-share" of a tweet or Instagram post can go a long way!

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