UNITE-LA Today: Partner Pride

In January, the Los Angeles City Council approved the confirmation of Lisa Salazar as the permanent Executive Director of the Youth Development Department (YDD). Lisa has been an extraordinary partner and friend to UNITE-LA for years. L.A. City, and especially our youth, are so privileged to have Lisa in this role. We could not let this appointment go without being on the record about our excitement. David Rattray, our President and CEO of UNITE-LA, noted, “UNITE-LA is thrilled with Lisa's appointment, as executive director of the YDD, becoming permanent. As an education nonprofit working closely with L.A. Mayor Garcetti's office, we have a long history with Lisa's extraordinary efforts in helping advance education equity and access for the underserved and unserved youth – from cradle to career – of Los Angeles.” You can read the full statement here. Congratulations, Lisa!

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