UNITE-LA Today: Recommitting from Cradle to Career

In early October, leading education, government, business and labor, and civic organizations in Los Angeles signed onto the new L.A. Compact agreement. The L.A. Compact is a bold effort to address gaps and opportunities that exist in our education and workforce development systems, and the list of Compact partners is impressive in its breadth. Leaders in L.A. County are committed to continuing and intensifying their collaboration to improve lives from cradle through career. 

The L.A. Compact—which started 14 years ago to help transform educational and workforce systems in Los Angeles—has evolved into a countywide effort with five, new, system-wide goals to ensure every child and youth in the County has equal access to be lifelong learners. The goals, when achieved, are transformative: 

  1. All children are healthy and ready to succeed in school
  2. All students graduate from high school
  3. All students complete post-secondary education
  4. Students of all ages acquire skills and knowledge to achieve career success
  5. All children and young adults thrive socially and emotionally, and contribute positively to the community

The L.A. Compact priorities range from advancing a birth-to-eight agenda to expanding a comprehensive community school movement across the region to bridging the gap between K-12 and postsecondary education and creating pathways to living wage jobs to improve the economic and social mobility of the region’s workers. Read more.

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