UNITE-LA Today: Research and Evaluation Releases Reports

UNITE-LA's Research and Evaluation Team conducted primary research to understand both the demand and supply sides of the labor market for potential employment of systems-involved individuals (SIIs) in L.A.'s growing tech sector. The Talent Needs of Tech Employers report delves into current employer talent needs, efforts and openness to SII employment. Our report on Employment of Systems-Involved Angelenos is based on a survey of several hundred SIIs, providing a lens into their employment histories, education, career aspirations and needed supports. These research efforts were undertaken in partnership with the L.A. County Justice, Care and Opportunities Department (f.k.a. Office of Diversion and Reentry) and other local partners, including the Los Angeles Regional Reentry Project and LA-Tech.org. Results were utilized to inform our Workforce Team's innovative Step into Tech programming.

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