UNITE-LA Today: So, How Did We Do?

The UNITE-LA Research and Evaluation team, in consultation with program staff, assessed the effectiveness of our Real World of STEAM implementation over the full 2020-21 school year, and understanding of STEAM and Health Care and Life Sciences careers for the 172 participants, 93 percent of whom were students of color. Youth reported increased understanding due to:

  • Speakers' advice: 97 percent;
  • Speakers' career path: 97 percent; and
  • Speakers' discussion of job content: 100 percent.

The program strives for diversity of speakers, and students of color underscored the value of hearing from BIPOC (black, indigenous and other people of color) presenters: 

"It was extremely important to see professionals of color because for the first time I actually envisioned myself in that job and it made the job more tangible." 

"Having POC presenters was very important to me because it helps underline the possibility of working in STEAM as a person of color myself." 

"It's important to me because as a person of color myself, it's significant to hear someone else's success story who is also a person of color. It not only empowers me, but motivates me." 

Congratulations to the program team on another success!

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