Coronavirus Letter



March 18, 2020


Dear UNITE-LA Friends & Supporters,

Like all of you, UNITE-LA wants to ensure it is doing its best during this difficult time for our staff, our partners, supporters and youth we serve. As we all face continued, growing coronavirus challenges, UNITE-LA remains dedicated to its mission - to ensure the continuous improvement of effective and aligned cradle-to-career public education and workforce development systems in Los Angeles, resulting in all children and youth having access to a high-quality education.

Additionally, UNITE-LA is committed to using this time to step out of our comfort zone –to rise to the challenge of the times and particularly to the challenges related to helping our most vulnerable youth and their families during this time. As we work towards this, we stand ready to support you. Please reach out to us if you think there is opportunity for us to do so – and together, we can not only creatively problem solve, but also help our youth in new, innovative ways.

We also want to let you know our staff is working remotely until further notice. During this time, we are reinventing how to hold or conduct meetings, how to carry out programs and how to strengthen our impact in ways that keep us all healthy, while advancing our mission. Rest assured, if any of these adjustments directly impact you, our staff will be in contact. Additionally, any changes will come via email, as well as through posts on our Twitter page.

As we reimagine our work, we will keep you updated on developments, and we look forward to hearing from you in ways we can assist. UNITE-LA appreciates your commitment and your role as a trusted, dedicated partner and ally. Together, we work hard every day to ensure the success of L.A. area youth. During these unprecedented challenging times, I am especially grateful for your service, partnership and friendship. 

Be well,


David Rattray

President & CEO