CSU Report: 10% of student population experienced homelessness

Originally published By Phillip Zonkel, Long Beach Press Telegram


 csureport.jpgWith about 460,000 students in the CSU system, the number of those who have experienced homelessness, according to the study, totals about 46,000, and the number who worried about hunger totals about 105,800.

"The study’s estimates are based on 1,039 survey replies from 4,945 randomly selected students and more than 100 interviews with staff, faculty and administrators across the CSU system."

The study also found that CSU students experiencing food or housing instability have high levels of stress and need a single point of contact on campus.

“Systems need to be implemented in every college and university in the country to find these students and ensure that they reach their full potential without worrying about where their next meal is coming from or where they will be sleeping,” Chancellor Timothy P. White said in a statement.


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