What is the L.A. Regional STEM Hub?

STEM_Fact3.jpgThe Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce has developed a regional STEM Hub for Los Angeles (L.A. STEM), which seeks to develop operational concepts for collaboration to enhance and expand the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), including critical thinking and the arts (STEAM), to explore engagement opportunities and to promote collaborative efforts to advance high quality STEM education and provide sustainable STEM models for 21st century workforce and skills development.

Why a STEM Hub?

STEM is essential to ensuring students have access to high wage, fulfilling careers.  The STEM Hub believes the success of our young people is a key driver in the region's future economy.



By engaging our youth in STEM careers and encouraging critical thinking and the arts, scientific discovery and collaboration, we will be preparing young

people to succeed in the 21st century workplace.

The STEM Hub seeks to leverage L.A.'s resources and significant civic institutions to develop further capacity for system-wide transformation of STEM education.

By bringing together groups utilizing a collective impact model across the public, private, non-profit and academic sectors -- many of whom have never collaborated on STEM before -- we're working to align our education systems towards student success. 

In order for students to have access to high-quality STEM teaching and learning, it is critical to address gaps in our education system.



L.A. STEM Hub seeks to:

  • Effectively partner with elementary, secondary and post secondary education to produce the 21st Century workforce

  • Identify STEM education, skills and competency goals

  • Develop a unified STEM message from industry in greater Los Angeles to educators, parents and students.

  • To identify STEM education, workforce development activities, goals and strategies to be fostered and scaled through collaboration across the L.A. STEM Hub network