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Our Impact

NSC Blog on Positive Impact of Partnerships

Alma Profile

 The National Skills Coalition interviews our own Alma Salazar, Vice President of Education and Workforce Development, on the positive impact of business-education partnerships.

"NSC has been an invaluable resource and has provided many of us with the in-depth policy analysis needed to engage policy makers in thoughtful conversations about WIOA Reauthorization and implementation and has helped guide California’s workforce development policy priorities. The policy content NSC has published has truly helped the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce and other regional chambers of commerce throughout the country engage meaningfully in these policy discussions."

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LAEPP Leadership Team


LAEPP Leadership


Los Angeles Educator Pathways Parternship (LAEPP) leaders meeting to discuss landmark data sharing partnership between local teacher preparation programs and school district.


From right:

Paola Santana, Director, Education & Workforce Development, UNITE-LA; Jody Priselac, Associate Dean for Community Programs, Graduate School of Educaiton & Information Studies, UCLA; Karen Gallagher, Dean, Rossier School of Education, University of Southern California; Cheryl Ney, Dean Charter College of Education, California State University, Los Angeles; Cynthia Lim, Executive Director, Office of Data and accountability, Los Angeles Unified School District; Manny Aceves, Associate Dean, Strategic Partnerships & Educational Effectiveness, School of Education, Loyola Marymount University; David Rattray, President, UNITE-LA; Michael Spagna, Dean, Michael D. Eisner College of Education, California State University, Northridge.

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Cash for College on KLCS



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Stephanie's Story

Help Stephanie 

Stephanie Valdivia Restitution/Education Fund



A few years ago, while under the influence of drugs, Stephanie stole jewelry from a woman.  Convicted of the crime, she was sentenced by the L.A. Superior Court to time in a youth detention camp.  In the year she spent at Camp Scott, she completed high school at the Los Angeles County Office of Education's Road to Success Academy.  She has made significant, positive changes to her life and is determined to stay on a path that will lead her to become a probationary officer in the future.  In April 2015, she was released from probation, but owes restitution to the victim.  After a summer internship at the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce, she is currently enrolled in classes at Mission College.  All funds will be used to contribute toward Stephanie's restitution and/or her education.

For further information, please contact 213-580-7550.

Read more about Stephanie's Story in Teresa Watanabe's in-depth feature article in the L.A. Times.

Photography by Barbara Davidson 


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