Partner Spotlight: JPMorgan Chase

As a leading partner of UNITE-LA’s education and workforce development programming, JPMorgan Chase is not only investing in the cultivation of a local, diverse talent pipeline, but they are leading the way and paying it forward through their philanthropic commitments. 

Over the last year, JPMorgan Chase has invested invaluable resources to support youth with virtual career- and work-readiness, including work-based learning programs that expose L.A.’s youth to professional coaching, mentoring and career awareness through UNITE-LA’s WorkforceReady and Real World of STEAM programming. UNITE-LA’s Real World of STEAM program is presented in partnership with L.A. City Mayor Eric Garcetti and local YouthSource Centers to provide youth, ages 16-24, from under-resourced communities, with paid work-based learning experiences. As a result, 172 youth have earned more than $306,000 in subsidized wages during programs facilitated by UNITE-LA’s staff in collaboration with local employers, including 3DEO, Amgen, Boeing, Coca-Cola, Dolby, Grifols, Metro and Northrop Grumman. In addition, 740 youth have been provided the work-readiness training needed to compete for jobs and internships.

During unprecedented times when so many of L.A.’s youth and their families have confronted extraordinary economic challenges due to COVID-19, JPMorgan Chase has funded/supported expanded opportunities for Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) youth to remain virtually connected to the real world of work and prepared with the knowledge, skills and competencies needed to succeed in emerging jobs and careers in STEAM. As our economy recovers from the impact of COVID-19, their investments will pay dividends because our youth will be well-prepared for the opportunities ahead.

JPMorgan Chase, thank you for banking on L.A.’s youth by providing the support needed to prepare, inspire and empower them to be their best as they pursue rewarding careers and jobs in high-growth, high-demand industries like STEAM.

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