UNITE-LA Today: A Coordinated System from Cradle-to-Career in California

At UNITE-LA, we believe aligned cradle-to-career public education and workforce development systems allow children, students and workers of all ages to access high-quality education and high-skills, high-wage employment in a fulfilling career of their choice, while ensuring California is prepared for a globally competitive 21st century economy. In preparation of this year's election season, the UNITE-LA Policy team developed a policy agenda, "A Coordinated System from Cradle-to-Career in California," aimed at influencing candidates for local office and education stakeholders to elevate the importance of a coordinated cradle-to-career system to ensure that our students can access the full range of services available to support their overall growth, development and success. We encourage you to check out our cradle-to-career systems building policy recommendations and please feel free to share this agenda.

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