UNITE-LA Today: California 2023-24 State Budget

The California State Legislature approved a $310 billion 2023-24 state budget, which was signed by Gov. Newsom.

Budget trailer bill, SB 101, will provide slightly less funding for schools and community colleges compared to last year, yet assures school districts will have a sizable increase in general operating money by fully funding a cost of living increase. It also offers more immediate relief for struggling child-care providers, provides families with child care fee waivers, provides debt-free college to foster youth, and assures that the current $289 million for the State's middle-class scholarship program will continue through 2024-25. Additional State revenue avoided cuts to the Golden State Pathways program, which will promote career opportunities for low-income high school students in high-skill, high-wage areas, including technology, education and health. UNITE-LA is pleased to have advocated for these budget wins through our activation of the business community.

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