UNITE-LA Today: Creating a Roadmap to Equitable Credentialing

The UNITE-LA National Strategic Partnerships (NSP) team is wrapping up their work with the Lumina Foundation, who funded a 1.3 million grant to bring together chambers of commerce, community colleges and community-based organizations that directly represent communities of color to develop and drive the growth of credentialing and degree programs in their regions with the ultimate goal of placing low-income workers, particularly BIPOC workers, in well-paid jobs with opportunities for career advancement.

The NSP team, in collaboration with the ACCE Foundation and the American Association of Community Colleges, created a toolkit. The purpose of the toolkit is to create a roadmap to help communities get started with their own equitable, credential work. The toolkit guides leaders and their partners through four major steps: 1) Preparing for the work, 2) Convening partners and identifying goals, 3) Executing the plan and, 4) Sustaining the work. If you have any questions about this work or would like to learn more, please contact Dexter Freeman or Kat Ramseyer.

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