UNITE-LA Today: Students Having a Say

Because students' voices matter, the UNITE-LA Workforce Programs team surveyed students about their interest in working this summer. To better inform Summer Youth Employment Programs (SYEP), UNITE-LA's Workforce Programs team administered the city’s "HIRE-LA Survey on Summer Youth Employment Interest and Readiness in the L.A. Region" to youth served by UNITE-LA. Of the 98 respondents, highlights from the survey include:

  • 87 percent would like to work for pay this summer;
  • 51 percent would prefer to work remotely/electronically instead of a physical location; and
  • 45 percent would be worried about their safety and health and/or the health of people they live with because of possible exposure to COVID-19.

Thank you to our leading SYEP STEAM investor, JPMorgan Chase, for investing in UNITE-LA workforce development programs. As you can see from our survey results, your investment is paying big dividends for students in the L.A. region.

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