UNITE-LA Today: Welcome to the Team!

UNITE-LA is thrilled to welcome three new team members!

Amber Chatman is Director of Workforce Systems and Policy. In her role, Amber will lead strategies to increase the capacity of public workforce systems, build political will for equity-centered workforce strategies and influence employer practices to improve economic mobility for opportunity youth and low-income workers. You can welcome Amber at [email protected].

Eric Iskowitz is on board as Research and Evaluation Manager. His work will include research projects (e.g., career pathways for opportunity youth; needs and supports for young student parents). In addition, he will be managing a range of evaluation projects across UNITE-LA's programs, policy and systems portfolios. You can welcome Eric at [email protected].

Dominique Rougeau joins us as L.A. Compact Coordinator. Dominique will be supporting the day-to-day tasks of the Community Schools Initiative as well as supporting other Compact work groups as needed. She will also play an instrumental role in enhancing the Compact's visibility and elevating the work of UNITE-LA and our Compact partners across multiple communication platforms. You can welcome Dominique at [email protected].

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