UNITE-LA Today: Ways You Can Help L.A. Cash for College

ShowMeTheMoney_General_IG.pngThrough our work with L.A. Cash for College, we know the greatest barrier to students attaining a college education is lack of financial means. Even so, millions of students across the country who are eligible for aid still do not apply for it. As a result, without accessing financial aid, a large number of low-income students do not attend college.

Lack of access to college is both an equity and an economic issue for all of us. That's why this year, UNITE-LA is asking all of you to join us in spreading the word about financial aid completion. Please utilize our toolkit to simply spread the word via your social media channels. And if you know of a student who needs help filling out a financial aid application, please direct them to our L.A. Cash for College website so he or she can attend any of the various webinars we offer.

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