Research Reports

Research Reports

Charting Progress Toward L.A. Compact Goals

The L.A. Compact's first-ever, online data dashboard provides a comprehensive picture of how children and youth are doing in the region, from cradle to career.

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The Economic Benefits of a Professional Early Care and Education Workforce in Los Angeles County

Beacon-ECE-Report_1.jpgThe Early Care and Education (ECE) workforce, or child care workers, who serve Los Angeles County preschools and its broader child care infrastructure is facing a crisis. The ECE workforce sector continues to face chronic recruitment and retention challenges. The pandemic has only exacerbated matters. But behind this setback lies an opportunity to link state funding for ECE workforce wage subsidies to local development initiatives. CA’s Master Plan for Early Learning and Care is a starting point that serves as a roadmap for building a comprehensive early learning system that is good for families, working guardians, employers and our future workforce. 

UNITE-LA commissioned Beacon Economics, an independent economic research consulting firm, to prepare The Economic Benefits of a Professional Early Care and Education Workforce in L.A. County, a report on the economic effects of paying ECE workers wages that match qualifications. Read the findings in the one-pager and full report below.

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New Americans in Los Angeles (2020 Update)

UNITE-LA worked with New American Economy to publish a new snapshot of the demographic and economic contributions of immigrants in L.A.

There are approximately 4,410,399 immigrant residents in Los Angeles and over 9% of them are entrepreneurs. Nationwide, immigrant households contribute hundreds of billions of dollars in federal income, state, and local taxes and hold a tremendous amount of spending power. In 2017, total immigrant spending power was $108.6 billion. For more highlights, please view the report. 


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Evaluation of the California Paid Family Leave Program

BACEI_PaidFamilyLeave_1.jpgWith support from UNITE-LA, the Small Business Majority and the Bay Area Council, the Bay Area Council Economic Institute conducted an evaluation of California’s Paid Family Leave (PFL) Program from 2004-2018 using data from the California Employment Development Department, U.S. Census Bureau, U.S. Centers for Disease Control, and the California Department of Public Health. The research focused on PFL program utilization and how it has changed over time, the impact of PFL on labor force participation, and the impact of PFL on firms, particularly firm labor costs and exit rates. 

This report to the Governor’s PFL Task Force offers findings on the effect of Paid Family Leave to date, to inform what the possible effects of expanding the PFL program would be.

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We Choose ALL: Building a System of Excellent Public Education

After developing its content over the past year and a half, we are pleased to present the full We Choose ALL research and policy brief series. This post links to the 100-page book, but you can also view the individual briefs in the blog posts here

In early 2016, representatives of UNITE-LA, In the Public Interest, the Advancement Project, the Learning Policy Institute and UCLA IDEA came together with the goal of informing public debate about the four-fold increase in L.A. charter school enrollment and declining LAUSD enrollment. We called ourselves, the “We Choose All” coalition, in recognition of our shared interest in supporting an educational system that provides high quality education to all Los Angeles students.

We entered the conversation recognizing the wonderful work of Los Angeles educators in both district and charter schools as well as the civic energy of labor and community leaders, advocates and philanthropists who grappled with one another to define the future of Los Angeles schools. Yet, we worried that “reform” that emerges without systemic planning and public deliberation could not meet the needs of all Los Angeles students.

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New Americans in Los Angeles (2018)

This report presents a snapshot of the demographic and economic contributions of immigrants in Los Angeles County and the City of Los Angeles. In 2014, foreign-born residents in Los Angeles County contributed a total of $232.9 billion or 35.7% of the county’s total GDP. Please view the report for more highlights.

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Small Businesses, Big Challenges

We surveyed small businesses in Los Angeles and nationally to understand practices and supports for employee upskilling. 

To provide further context and insight into small business’ practices and challenges with respect to upskilling, we conducted two anonymous Los Angeles focus groups with business leaders, as well as three one-on-one interviews with Key Respondents knowledgeable of small business concerns and practices. Survey results and focus group feedback are presented in the research brief below. 

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Preschool Assessments in Los Angeles County

First 5 LA and the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (KRA) Workgroup established a multi-year goal of adopting a common KRA that can aggregate data on school readiness across L.A. County. As a first step to advancing this goal, in the fall of 2015, Children Now and First 5 LA conducted a survey of L.A. County’s 80 school districts. To further inform the discussion of a common KRA, the L.A. Area Chamber of Commerce conducted a complementary Preschool Assessment Survey with information on assessments of preschoolers by a wide range of preschool providers in L.A. County.  

The findings in this report, combined with those of the District Survey, aim to provide guidance to L.A. County stakeholders as we develop an implementation strategy and work to select a common KRA tool.

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