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L.A. Compact Study Shows Need for Continued Cooperation in Education

By Ed Coghlan

The Los Angeles economy has a problem.

Employers need more workers with bachelor's degrees—and the pipeline isn't nearly full enough. "It is imperative we do better," said UNITE-LA President & CEO David Rattray. "Not only do more college graduates improve individual job prospects, they also can bridge the equity gap that persists in L.A. County, where thousands of families have never had a family member even attend college much less graduate."

This is exactly the type of problem that the L.A. Compact was formed to address. The L.A. Compact, which UNITE-LA convenes, brings together leaders from early childhood, K12, higher education, government, and the labor and business sectors in the region to close the education and workforce gaps caused by system inequities and racism.

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Reimagining Our Systems, Policies and Investments

As President Biden highlighted in his address to Congress Wednesday night, our economy is not working for everyone. This truth was brought into bold relief by the pandemic. Millions right here in L.A. County and California are being left behind.

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California’s Economy Relies on Undocumented Immigrants; Two New Bills Finally Recognize that Fact

Immigrants are a fabric of our communities and our economy. We need the Senate to pass these important pieces of immigrants legislation to ensure a safe roadmap for the future. UNITE-LA’s Vice President of Education Policy & Public Affairs explains why.

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