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Local Partners Organize DACA Resources


DACA Resources ConveningOn January 26, 2017, a DACA/CA Dream Act training for school counselors and college access providers at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels was hosted in partnership with the Southern California College Access Network (SoCal CAN), LAUSD, and the California Community Foundation.

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UNITE-LA Receives Prestigious Award


David Rattray, President, UNITE-LAUNITE-LA congratulates our President, David Rattray, on being named a Linked Learning Alliance 2017 Champion Award winner.

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L.A.'s College Promise Kick-Off

1 Free year of Community College Promised to LAUSD Graduates



The L.A. College Promise officially kicked-off with a public celebration at Los Angeles City College on September 14, 2016 that featured Dr. Jill Biden, Second Lady of the United States and Honorary Chair of President Obama’s national College Promise Campaign who stresses that the L.A. College Promise is not a “one-way street.”  She spoke directly to students in the audience and explained that if they benefit from the L.A. College Promise, they must also give back to their communities once they graduate.  

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School Accountability System Approved


School Accountability

State Board of Education Approves New Groundbreaking School Accountability System

By David Rattray

A recent editorial gave a critical review of the upcoming changes to the Los Angeles public school accountability system. I believe it is an unfair look at a very promising tool.

Instead of a single score number under the old system, the new model will use a variety of measures that rate overall school and district performance. Imagine your car’s dashboard – a clear indicator of all items that will make your car run smoothly and safely. Likewise, this dashboard for schools will allow individuals to see the complete picture of a school and make determinations based on what matters to them. 

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What Student Scores Mean for Workforce


UNITE-LA Applauds State & Local Assessment Scores Progress


State Superintendent Tom Torlakson, LAUSD Superintendent Michelle King and LAUSD School Board President Steve Zimmer for released the 2016 California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress, sharing gains in English literacy and math were made when compared to the previous year, but there is still much work to be done.

“We believe the test scores announced today are evidence that we are on the right course to build a strong workforce, but clearly more work is needed. As the leading business organization for the Los Angeles region, we know this future workforce must close the skills gap and keep up with the needs of our area’s employers,” said David Rattray, president, UNITE-LA & executive vice president, Education & Workforce Development, L.A. Area Chamber. “We also know that without an educated workforce, our economy suffers directly, and it is not just here in California – but in the U.S. and in the world. Our global competitiveness is tied to the preparedness of our workforce.”

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Ed Trust Cites CFC Promising Practice for FA Completion


FA Reporting Tracker

New Ed Trust West website highlights Cash for College as a Promising Practice for financial aid completion.

This new website tracks college financial aid application rates for California schools and districts. It uses US DOE data to publicly report the percentage of 12th graders who completed FAFSA and Cal Grant applications, and highlights promising practices that schools, districts, and community partners can use to increase financial aid access.

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CSU Report: 10% of student population experienced homelessness

Originally published By Phillip Zonkel, Long Beach Press Telegram


 csureport.jpgWith about 460,000 students in the CSU system, the number of those who have experienced homelessness, according to the study, totals about 46,000, and the number who worried about hunger totals about 105,800.

"The study’s estimates are based on 1,039 survey replies from 4,945 randomly selected students and more than 100 interviews with staff, faculty and administrators across the CSU system."

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L.A. Cash for College Super Saturday FAFSA Workshops





Over the coming weeks, L.A. Cash for College and its partners will host more than 150 workshops throughout the region to provide families the opportunity to meet with financial aid experts who will answer questions and guide them through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and California Dream Act applications.

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Congratulations Michelle King


UNITE-LA commends the LAUSD board of education on the collaborative spirit of the Superintendent selection process and we are delighted with its result.


The board conducted a thoughtful and exhaustive nationwide search, and we are confident that the selection of Michelle King represents their best judgment. She possesses the experience, talent and dedication needed to lead this district. We look forward to collaborating with King as we strive to ensure all students graduate from high school college-and-career-ready.

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President Signs ESSA

President Signs ESSA

President Obama Signs the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

In an amazing way to end the year, President Obama signs the bipartisan bill, easily passed by the Senate and the House, replacing the No Child Left Behind legislation of 2002.

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